Why CoverShots™ Mobile Canopies

Why Covershots Mobile Canopies?

The CoverShots Advantage

A CoverShots Mobile Canopy owner generates additional revenue by reducing lesson cancellation due to inclement weather as well as being able to spend more time teaching due to lack of fatigue. Many CoverShot Canopy owners report a return of their investment in approximately two years. A CoverShots Mobile Canopy will boost lessons, golf outings and member participation.

The underlying health benefits come from less exposure to harmful UV rays. With a CoverShots Mobile Canopy in place, your golf facility will be able to outperform the competition with more business, more members and more income.

CoverShots Mobile Canopies have a high end look and usually do not require any special permit to install. CoverShots Mobile Canopies allows turf regeneration due to their mobility. You can reset the tee line every day. A full range of accessories such as logos, lights, fans, and heaters can be added to personalize your CoverShots Mobile Canopy.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

  • Ranges and golf courses with a CoverShots have reported documented increases of up to 27% of range ball sales, club and soft good sales, and similar increases in food & beverage revenues
  • A large percentage of ranges and courses that purchase a CoverShots™, have purchased a second third and even fourth system to satisfy their customers’ demands
Quick Return On Investment

Quick Return On Investment

  • Golf courses and ranges equipped with a CoverShots reported an immediate increase in ball sales of 15%,
    with most facilities reporting a 20-25% increase
  • Increased range plan memberships
  • Increased pro shop and food & beverage sales
  • Most driving range owners report recouping their investment in less than two years; some have stated that this was achieved in a single season
Boost Participation

Boost Lesson, Outings, and Clinic Participation

  • Staying safely under the shelter creates a sanctuary from the inclement weather (note: CoverShots are not approved lightning shelters). In addition to protection from harmful UV rays Covershots main tarping system is 100% waterproof allowing practice and lessons to go on uninterrupted.
  • Gives golfers an opportunity for practice or learning, uninterrupted by the weather
  • Now single or multi-day clinics will not be restricted to the classroom, due to weather
  • Instructors and students are less fatigued, due to heat exhaustion from standing and practicing in the sun all day
Health Benefits

Health Benefits

  • Helps prevent skin cancer from exposure to harmful UV Rays
  • Helps prevent heat stroke, heat exhaustion and fatigue
  • Let your members or customers know you have their best interests in mind by providing a protected, sheltered practice environment
CoverShots™ Construction

CoverShots Construction

  • CoverShots Eclipse models range in length from 41′-104′ and are 20′ wide (depth)
  • CoverShots Eclipse models are available motorized, and with our easy and safe retractable canopy system
  • CoverShots PTC models are available in 24′ and 30′ lengths and are 14′ wide (depth)
  • CoverShots PTC models are available with our easy and safe retractable canopy system
Differentiate and Outperform the Competition

Differentiate and Outperform the Competition

  • Your facility or course will be the location of choice for the eager golfer anxious to practice their swing regardless of the forecast on natural grass or artificial turf
  • Golf facilities associated with real estate developments have said that a CoverShots at their practice facility has helped sell home lots, when their development was compared to a similar development without a CoverShots.
High-End Look

High-End Look

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Architecturally impressive
  • Gives a facility that private course feel
  • Professional looking
  • Blends with any setting or facility: A wide choice of canopy colors and optional painted A-frames makes your CoverShots canopy distinctive to your facility or geographic location
Permits Typically Not Necessary

Permits Typically Not Necessary

  • Keeps construction/permitting delays and costs out of the equation
  • Allows your investment to begin working faster, as installation takes only 2-3 days
  • Note: Because our canopies are mobile, permitting is typically not required. However, customers should always check with local commissions for any restrictions or requirements.
Turf Regeneration

Turf Regeneration

  • Continuous grass regeneration for your customers and members
  • No turf damage (no tire ruts)
  • Tee lines can be controlled by the position of the CoverShots system
  • Flip-of-the-switch ability to move anywhere on your tee line
Full Range of Custom Accessories

Full Range of Custom Accessories

  • Wind and sun-blocking curtains for the sides and back of the unit
  • Retractable Top
  • Retractable Rear (PTC only)
  • Motorized (Eclipse only) with OnBoard Power Kit
  • Powder Coated Frame (customer to select color)
  • Electric fans
  • Electric radiant heaters
  • Lights
  • Superior customized logo work for the canopy (i.e., your club or facility’s name or logo)
  • Solar Kit for powering technology
Eclipse and PTC Canopies

Two models. Fully customizable.

Our PTC model canopy is generally used for instruction, club fitting, and for smaller size ranges. Our Eclipse model canopy is larger and covers every need from instruction to member/guest usage, and for entertainment.

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