CoverShots™ PTC Professional Teaching Canopy

Cost Effective, Mobile Protection

The PTC (Professional Teaching Canopy) is the perfect outdoor office and enjoyment space for instruction, club fitting, and small range practice protection. With coverage available on top, rear, and sides technology of all types can be safely and effectively used under the PTC.

PTC Professional Teaching Canopy
CoverShots™ PTC Professional Teaching Canopy
EFFECTIVE and PRACTICAL, the Professional Teaching Canopy or CoverShots PTC is perfect for smaller spaces, and easy to move around.
High Shade
High Shade

Comes in 24' and 30′ clear span length, and a width (depth) of 14 feet.
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Swivel Wheels
Swivel Wheels

With four proprietary turf friendly swivel wheels, unit is easily moved in any direction
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Retractable Top & Side Curtains
Retractable Top & Side Curtains

Can be fitted with a retractable top and retractable rear curtain and side curtains.
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The canopy for your industry.

Providing protection for multiple fields. Click your needed application for more information. CoverShots has provided canopies for other applications such as entertainment, outdoor classrooms, and many other uses. Contact us for more information.

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Build your PTC canopy.

Choose from several options available for each model type

PTC Options: Retractable Top, Retractable Rear, Side Curtains, Powder Coated frame (select desired color), Logo, Fans, Heaters, Lights, and Solar Power Kit. Selection of colors available for top and rear

Contact us directly at 1-888-881-2433 to speak with a CoverShots™ specialist and start building your custom PTC Canopy today.

PTC: Additional Specs

Height: 10′-11″ (front and rear, center swing clearance)

Length: 24′ = 2 hitting stations; 30′ = 3 hitting stations, (inside measurement)

Width: 14′, front edge to back edge

Wind Loads: Anchor unit at all times. Retractable Top option must be in the retracted position with wind speeds in excess of 50MPH. Breakaway Top option designed to release with wind speeds in excess of 50MPH.

Mobility: With four proprietary turf friendly swivel wheels, unit is easily moved in any direction.

Total Weight: 24′ PTC – 1,800 lbs;  30′ PTC – 2,100 lbs.

Construction: High grade galvanized steel

Manufacturing Site: USA

Canopy Material: Heavyweight waterproof PVC coated fabric, UV and fire resistant.

Warranty: Frame, canopy and wheels – one year, parts and labor.

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