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CoverShots Mobile Canopies, particularly the ECLIPSE Model, are proving to fill a need and provide an excellent solution to eliminating lost or substandard practice time on the firing range. CoverShots Mobile Canopies are the ideal shaded shooting solution for law enforcement, military and private shooting ranges.

Law Enforcement
Private Shooting Ranges
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Move the firing line. Anytime.

Not only do our mobile canopies provide protection from the elements they also provide enhanced flexibility in allowing the canopy to be moved forwards, backwards, or side to side as needed. Using our onboard power kit at the touch of a screen our large Eclipse canopies can be relocated in seconds to a new shooting position.

Relocate your canopy in seconds.
With optional on-board motorized wheels.
CoverShots™ Canopy with Wheels - Relocate in Seconds

The CoverShots Advantage

Our canopies provide several key advantages over the competition of building a physical structure.

Economy & Flexibility
CoverShots canopies are more economical than installing physical buildings and much more flexible in that they can be moved around on the range as needed. Shooting from 3 feet, 25 feet, or 100 feet or anywhere in between our canopy protection can move with the need.

Protection from UV & Rain
Range time interruption from harmful UV rays or Rain is no longer an issue when deploying a CoverShots Mobile Canopy.

Wide Range of Uses

In addition to training and practice at gun ranges and golf ranges, our Mobile Canopies can be used for vehicle repair, and anywhere shade is needed. 

If you have an outdoor protection need, we can help.

Fully Customizable

CoverShots Canopies can also be equipped with side and rear curtains, fans, lights, heaters, and storage boxes.

Canopy Lights
Canopy Fans
Canopy Curtains
Canopy Heaters
ECLIPSE Canopy Photo

Build your shooting range canopy.

For more information or a quote please contact us directly at 1-888-881-2433 to speak with a CoverShots specialist.

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